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CAP Goal IconImproving Outcomes Through Federal IT Spending Transparency

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Improving IT spend transparency is critical to improving business end-to-end, from the idea to the acquisition to what we actually deliver. Suzette Kent, Goal Leader
Photo of David Shive

Goal Leader:
David Shive

Chief Information Officer, General Services Administration

Goal Leader:
Gerard Badorrek

Chief Financial Officer, General Services Administration

Photo of Jason Gray

Goal Leader:
Jason Gray

Chief Information Officer, Department of Education

Photo of Denise Carter

Goal Leader:
Denise Carter

Acting Assistant Secretary for Finance and Operations, Department of Education

Photo of Suzette Kent

Goal Leader:
Suzette Kent

Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget

Download the latest Action Plan and Progress Update


❝Improving IT spend transparency is critical to improving business end-to-end, from the idea to the acquisition to what we actually deliver.❞

  • This goal will: improve business, financial, and acquisition outcomes; enable Federal executives to make data-driven decisions and analyze trade-offs between cost, quality, and value of IT investments; reduce agency burden for reporting IT budget, spend, and performance data by automating the use of authoritative data sources; and enable IT benchmarking across Federal Government agencies and with other public and private sector organizations.
  • The Federal Government spends at least $90 billion annually on IT, and Federal executives have long known they could better manage that spending with increased visibility and more accurate data. Congress and taxpayers have pressed for better information about how Federal IT dollars are spent and the return on that investment. The FY 2018 President’s Budget reported 84% of the total Federal IT budget categorized as “other,” as opposed to being clearly tied to a specific IT category of spend. This lack of granularity makes it difficult to baseline Federal investments and show the public whether Government is spending taxpayer dollars effectively in order to drive the large scale change needed to improve business transformation and citizen services. In the spring of 2017, Office of Management and Budget guidance called on agencies to begin adopting elements of the Technology Business Management framework - an open source standard for IT costs. This will provide more granularity in IT spend based upon a taxonomy broadly accepted across both private and public sector organizations.
  • The Technology Business Management (TBM) Framework will enable the Federal Government to: run IT like a business; drive innovation and business transformation; improve services to citizens; add cost transparency; and increase accountability to taxpayers.


July 10, 2019

How to Win with Technology Business Management (TBM)

Each play here is a plan of action or strategy used to move toward a goal or objective. The 7 plays in this book will improve your chances of beginning a successful TBM implementation.

June 20, 2019

Summer Updates Show Progress on Cross-Agency and Agency Priority Goals

Today, teams tasked with implementing the Federal government’s high-priority initiatives released their June 2019 progress updates for both Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals and Agency Priority Goals (APGs).